TC Electronic announces Noveltech as new PowerCore partner. Noveltech Solutions has created Character™, a new optional plug-in for PowerCore. Far from being a traditional EQ or compression tool, Character™ identifies and enhances the characteristics of any given audio source. Character™ by Noveltech Solutions will be shipping October 1st, 2004, at EUR 215,- (ex. VAT) and USD 249,- MSRP. Read more from the TC Electronic site.

More information about Character™ technology can be found from the new Noveltech Audio site: www.noveltehaudio.com.

TC Electronic has released version 1.5 of the renowned RESTORATION SUITE for PowerCore. This release adds a totally new tool to the bundle called DeCrackle developed by Noveltech.

DeCrackle is a special algorithm for removing small impulsive disturbances with high-density. Crackle usually originates from dirt and dust on the surface of vinyl and old 78rpm recording. The algorithm is capable of removing even several thousand impulses per second without added distortion or artifacts. Sophisticated signal modeling enables to separate the unnatural disturbances and the more stationary audio material into separate signals for accurate crackle detection. Latest studies in the field of psychoacoustic and signal modeling have been employed in the development of the crackle reduction algorithm. The algorithm is tuned to reduce only the impulsive disturbances below the human hearing threshold without affecting e.g. the background broadband noise as many conventional solutions do. This ensures that no sound coloration will occur and the original auditory space is fully maintained. The same fundamental approach can be used for removal of 'buzz', which is produced by a series of equally spaced impulsive disturbances. Such noise originates e.g. from electrical grounding problem. User can select the algorithm mode to be crackle, buzz, or corrupt where the latter mode is designed for heavily damaged material.

Improvement to the existing tools has been also made in the new release. These include addition of automatic fingerprint detection mode to the DeNoise, improved detection in the DeClick, and improved interpolation algorithm in the DeScratch.
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Runar Bäckström foundation has acnowledged Noveltech by a grant for the development of the photoacoustic measurement technology.
...read more about Runar Bäckström foundation

Foundation for Finnish Inventions has granted funding for the patenting of Noveltech's revolutionary photoacoustic measurement technology.
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Noveltech moves to a new location into the heart of the hi-tech business district of Turku.

Noveltech and Bruker Optik GmbH of Germany initiates collaboration where Noveltech grants an exclusive license for the Pendium™ interferometer technology.
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TC Electronic releases RESTORATION SUITE for Powercore platform which
offers three real-time Plug-ins for the most critical applications in
audio restoration: Denoising, Declicking and Descratching. The powerful
DeScratcher is based on brand new research by Noveltech Solutions.
The Plug-In reconstructs long damaged signal sections, going way beyond
common interpolation algorithms and the missing signal section is estimated with astonishing accuracy. DeScratch is perfect for removing impulsive
disturbances in badly scratched vinyl recordings. For the first time it is possible to eliminate extremely large scratches without audible artifacts! ...read more

The first release of TC Restoration Suite Features:

New technology based on extrapolation of missing signal parts: Repairs extremely large clicks, statistical tools provide processing feedback,
audition mode enables to preview removed signal portions.

Fingerprint-based denoiser: Draw mode for fingerprint editing including zoom tools, adjustable learn time optimized for broadband noise, audition mode to preview removed signal portions.

Repairs clicks: Also capable of removing crackle, automatic size adjustment,
statistical tools provide processing feedback, audition mode to preview removed signal portions.

The Restoration Suite is shipping August 2003.
Price: $1.499, introductory offer for version 1.0: $999

The CEO of Noveltech, Ismo Kauppinen, was awarded for outstanding doctoral thesis by Finnish academy of science and letters in the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Post-doctoral scholarships were awarded to five outstanding young researchers in the natural sciences and the humanities who had completed doctoral theses in the year 2002 in Finland. The title of the thesis by Dr. Kauppinen is "Audio Signal Restoration with Modern Digital Signal Processing Techniques" and it includes the indroduction of the Noveltech's patent pending audio restoration technology.

Ismo Kauppinen, CEO of Noveltech Solutions, gives a presentation about commersializing innovations in an educational event for Venture Cup Finland business plan competition in Turku.

TC Works Soft- und Hardware GmbH announces a new product including
technology licensed from Noveltech at the 113th AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Noveltech web site is opened. The site is designed by Sauli Laine (Dimmi Oy) in co-operation with Noveltech Solution Ltd.